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    Clarissa is tired of living in the shadow of her flirtatious sister Belinda, the most adored woman in 18th Century England. Wits sharpened and scissors in hand, Clarissa sets out to cut Belindaand her glorious locks of hairdown to size _ and to find a man of her own! Through an innovative score featuring electric guitar alongside harpsichord and strings, four star-crossed lovers and the mischievous spirits that surround them are unwittingly unlocked to their true feelings and identities.

    Unlockd previously won a Richard Rodgers Award, was workshopped at TheatreWorks Palo Alto and Ravinia, and was presented at the New York Musical Theatre Festival in 2007, where it won the Best of the Fest audience award and Talkin Broadway Citations for Best Musical and Best Original Theatrical Score.

    All At Once (Tenor Version)

    From Unlock'd. This soaring male ballad from UNLOCK’D falls in the middle of act I, when the Baron Windsorloch realizes suddenly that he is in love, and the whole world around him seems to come alive.  It has been performed by Jeremy Jordan, Brian Justin Crum, Jose Llana, Sidney James Harcourt, and many others. Brian Crum at Yale University on...

    Hair Song

    From Unlock'd In this coloratura-de-force from UNLOCK’D, one of the few true soprano numbers in contemporary musical theater, a woman sings a love song to her hair… and her hair sings back. Quirky and hilarious, “The Hair Song” has been performed by Ali Ewoldt, Lora Lee Gayer, and many more. Ali Ewoldt at The Duplex, NYC on 01/17/2012

    Almost First Kiss

    From Unlock'd This introspective but joyful uptempo ballad from UNLOCK’D falls late in act I, when, in the wake of her first almost-kiss, a young woman, reflects on what just happened: the thrill, the transience of a moment, how to recapture the feeling. It has been performed by Julie Reiber, Ali Ewoldt, Charlotte Maltby, Victoria Matlock, and many more. Charlotte...