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In the City

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From The Boy Who Danced on Air

Writers: Tim Rosser and Charlie Sohne

The Boy Who Danced on Air is a love story that takes place between two dancing boys in Afghanistan (Paiman and Feda). Paiman and Feda plan to run away to the nearest city and on the evening of their planned escape, they dream about what their lives will be like.

Choose your transposition. One duet partner's range as listed, the other's low note is the same, and high note is one whole-step lower:

Key of Eb (C3 - B4) (tenor) (Primary Key)
Key of B (G#2 - G4) (baritone)
Key of G (E3 - D#5) (female)

Video is in Eb:

Sung by Troy Iwata and Nikhil Saboo