#NMTVotW: Passion

Most get into musical theater by listening and watching others before they join in creating the magic themselves. In fact, most are lead to participate in this creation because the passion they gain from being inspired by previous actors, writers, singers, etc. This passion is what drives us, and it’s what keeps us going.

When you make musical theater your work life, sometimes it’s hard to remember the flame that ignited you to be there in the first place. But you will have moments where the spark lights and you just have to get your juices flowing. Writers will write, performers will perform.

But we mustn’t forget those who aren’t doing musical theater for a living, but have the same level of passion as those who are in it. They may not be writing every day or singing every song. If they have a love for musical theatre, though, they are still apart of the community and share the same drive to express themselves.

This week’s #NMTvotw is a video by a young man going to law school, who allows his passion to overtake him in the midst of studying, to the point where he has to stop and get it all out there.

Here’s his tweet:

Chris Johnson @chrisjohnson42

i should be studying. #lawschoolproblems i’m not. #NMTvotw @kaitandbrian @nmtsongs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8XnqEEmNnU …

So the #NMTvotw is Chris Johnson, law student, singing Barcelona, Cartagena, Anywhere by Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk:

Whether you aspire to be in musical theater, are currently succeeding in doing musical theater, or doing musical theater just for fun, this passion is what connects us.

If your passion leads you to sing an #NMTsong, don’t forget to send it our way to be featured in #NMTvotw!


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