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Enter the 2014 #NMTcostumecontest

ENTER NMT’S VERY FIRST COSTUME CONTEST!  As a theater nerd, growing up, I always faced the problem that precisely no one understood my super-awesome-musical-theater-reference-y Halloween costumes. If you’ve always been less “I’m a witch” and more “I’m Elphaba,” we get you. And with Halloween around the corner, now seems like the perfect time to tell […]

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#NMTHalloween Across the Globe

With the cold weather drifting in and pumpkin spice lattes on our lips, it’s hard not to think about the first holiday of the fall season: Halloween. And with Halloween comes the number one google search*: What costume to wear. Of course, you can always go as a nurse or football player, but really, you’re […]

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