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As performed by Nathan Tysen. Suitable for most male voices. Folky & simple, with lush harmonies. Key of G. The low note is D3. The high note is F#4. Performed by Nathan Tysen at Catalina Bar & Grill in Hollywood, CA, on January 20, 2013.

The Only [Straight] Boy in the Room

Make room in your laminated binder next to "Girl in 14G" and "Alto's Lament", cherubs ("cherubs" in the sense of both the pet name, and the alumni of Northwestern's illustrious summer theater intensive): “The Only [Straight] Boy in the Room” is a sultry slow jam that allows its singer to show off comic timing, lyrical dexterity, and gratuitous belting. It...


One of Mott's most streamed and popular songs. This breakout hit, is the heartbreak love ballad from Mott's debut album, Where The Sky Ends. Sheet music includes SAT (soprano, alto, tenor) background vocals.   Key of Eb (D3-Ab4) Tim Young at 42 West on 11/09/2015 Brian Justin Crum at The Kennedy Center on 11/11/2015 Featuring Shauna Goodgold, Bruce Landry &...

Gods Among Men

From OUTLAWSMusic and Lyrics by Alexander Sage OyenKey of Bb (C3-G4) (Video is in Bb)Ben Fankhauser and Michael McCorry at 54 Below.

I Steal Everything

From the StarKid musical Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier Music by A.J. HolmesLyrics by Kaley McMahon   Transpositions available to ANY key upon request. Contact customer service after purchase.

I Got This

From WE HAVE APPLES by Aron Accurso and Rachel Griffin. Transposition available in ANY KEY upon request! Key of Dm: Performed by Kyle Scatliffe at 54 Below on September 12, 2016

Lovely Creatures

from Pride and Prejudice Music and Lyrics by Paul GordonArrangements by Connor Keelan Originally sung by Brian Herndon

Brush Off

Music by Jacob YanduraLyrics by Rebekah MelocikKey of Em: E3-B4 (male or female)A soulful R&B stand-alone ballad, about loving someone more than they love you.Jon-Michael Reese with with Charity Angél Dawson, Dan Domenech & Kristolyn Lloyd at 54 Below on February 16, 2015.

Empty Eyes

Empty Eyes is the third single from Mott's upcoming EP. There are few things more tragic than witnessing a loved one fall apart. Mott says "I wrote this song after my partner came to me with nothing more left to give to me or our relationship. I wanted to do everything in my power to help heal and protect them, but...