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Gender: Male


As performed by Nathan Tysen. Suitable for most male voices. Folky & simple, with lush harmonies. Key of G. The low note is D3. The high note is F#4. Performed by Nathan Tysen at Catalina Bar & Grill in Hollywood, CA, on January 20, 2013.


Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott OliverMale key of G (Video is in G)Male key of FFemale key of C Jay Armstrong Johnson and Morgan Karr at The Canal Room on 11/09/2009.

Love Song (Out of Cans)

Preston Sadleir at Le Poisson Rouge on 2/26/2014

Drew Gasparini Male Songbook

Music & Lyrics by Drew GaspariniIncludes:A Little Bit...  Disaster Jack Of All Trades  Lost Cause  Good For You (Male Key)  Right Here  Scratch Off  The Human Condition (Male Key) Last Loser in the UniverseWhat Remains (Male Version)  

Love Me, Love Me Not

Music and Lyrics by Joey Contreras From LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOT: THE MUSIC OF JOEY CONTRERAS Choose your transposition:Key of C: (G3 - D5) (female)Key of F: (C3 - G4) (male) Transposition to ANY KEY available upon request. Key of C: Performed by Natalie Weiss at Live at Arts Bank Cabaret on May 15, 2009 Key of F: Performed...

This Girl

Music and Lyrics by Alexander Sage OyenKey of B (A3-C#5) (Video is in B)Key of Db (B3-Eb5)Sara Daniels

Gods Among Men

From OUTLAWSMusic and Lyrics by Alexander Sage OyenKey of Bb (C3-G4) (Video is in Bb)Ben Fankhauser and Michael McCorry at 54 Below.

Pasek & Paul Male Audition Songs

Music & Lyrics by Benj Pasek & Justin PaulIncludes:Along The Way  Boy With Dreams  Caught In the Storm (Male)   Come Back  Dispensable  I Once KnewIn Short-Male  Middle of a Moment (Male)   Monticello  Part of a Painting

Adam Gwon Songbook - Male

Music & lyrics by Adam GwonIncludes: Seeing You ThereFavorite Places  Degree of SincerityAway From HereWorkingOne Little Word - MaleAlaskaHundred-Story CityC MajorLife Story