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Sheet music

Blue Hair

As performed by Cortney Wolfson on Youtube

I'll Be Here

Listen to the song at

Joey Is A Punk Rocker

As Performed by Kirsten Wyatt on YouTube


As Performed by Whitney Bashor on YouTube< As Performed by Vanessa Ray on YouTube

In Short-Female

As Performed by Whitney Bashor on YouTube

Five and a Half Minutes

From The Woman Upstairs. Katie Thompson key suitable for most female voices. (her riffs from "Our First Mistake" are notated, but optional!) Key of G: (G3-D5) or Key of Ab for those who can't quite get down to the low "Gs." (Ab3-Eb5)Performed by Katie Thompson at Birdland on March 1, 2010.   Tenor:From The Woman Upstairs. Key of Db. The...


From The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown. As performed by Sarah Hyland and Melissa Benoist.  Half step down from the Pheobe Strole/Helene Yorke and Meghann Fahy/Helene Yorke versions. Recommended for most women! (Really, we promise!  This is the best version.) Key of E. The low note is F#3. The high note is C#5. (High note doesn't include the optional high...