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Ready to Fly

Stephanie Gibson at Birdland NYC on 10/31/2011

He's Perfect

Leigh Barrett at Birdland NYC on 10/31/2011A woman Contemplating a marriage proposal.

I Am

Scott Evan Davis at Birdland NYC on 10/31/2011

Just a Word

Thom Allison at Birdland NYC on 10/31/2011This is a comedy song, about someone who just can't say those three little words.

If We Say Goodbye

Liz Callaway at Birdland, NYC on 10/31/2011:Liz Callaway singing at Birdland

Dear Santa

Joshua Dixon at Don't Tell Mama's NYC on 11/22/2010A man finds a letter he had written to Santa Claus when he was a child.

More Than Just Sundays

Joshua Dixon at Birdland NYC on 10/31/2011A man is forced to make a decision about a relationship with another man.

Cautiously Optimistic

Julie Reyburn at BIRDLAND NYC on 10/31/2011

You Make Me Crazy

Nicole Johndrow at Don't Tell Mama's on 1/03/2011