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Mom Could Play Guitar

From we aren't kids anymore This is a song about your mom.  Drew wrote it about his mom, but he made sure that when you sang it it would be about yours somehow as well. A tender ballad from We Aren't Kids Anymore. Originally sung by Drew's bestie two-time Tony Nominee, Alex Brightman. This is a perfect stand-alone for concerts,...

We Aren't Kids Anymore

From we aren't kids anymore Being an adult is hard, and this is a very earnest look at the challenges that come with growing up. This song is relatable to anyone who is still growing... and that should be everyone. Emotionally driven narrative originally done by Jagged Little Pill's Kathryn Gallagher at 54 Below, then recorded for the cast album by...

Little Sister

From we aren't kids anymore A lullaby about the excitement of being an older brother to two younger sisters.  From the musical We Aren't Kids Anymore, this is a perfect stand-alone song for concerts, cabarets, showcases, or auditions. Originally sung by Drew himself at 54 Below, then on the cast album by Dear Evan Hansen's Colton Ryan.  Key of A...


From we aren't kids anymore This song is emotional and challenging. This song is written about Drew Gasparini's first hand experience with hitting "rock bottom." First performed by Drew himself at 54 Below. A dramatic piece, however still suitable for concerts, cabarets, auditions, and showcases. Key of E

I Wish I Never Met You

From we aren't kids anymore I Wish I Never Met You is a love song dressed as a break up song. A smoky, slow jazz number.  Emotional, and perfect for a solo, stand alone song as part of a concert or cabaret. Originally performed at 54 Below by Waitress's Drew Gehling, then on the cast album by Nicholas Christopher.  Key...

When I Go

From we aren't kids anymore A group number about legacy and what we as artists work so hard toward.  Leaving something behind when we go.  This was originally done as a solo number, but works best as a group number.  Showcase performances and concerts are a perfect setting for this power anthem. Key of C

Faking Cool

From we aren't kids anymore All theatre kids can relate to feeling like they are putting on a mask. This song is about the times people think something of us, but it turns out they are so wrong. Easy for any young performer to relate to. A perfect stand alone pop song for concerts, cabarets, and auditions. Broadway's Bonnie Milligan sang...

On the Edge

From we aren't kids anymore A contemporary pop song perfect for concert performances of auditions. On the Edge is a song about constantly being right within reach of your dreams, always seeing the destination but always being just on the edge of success.  Originally sung live at 54 Below, this sung is on the original cast album of We Aren't Kids Anymore sung by...

Caught in a Loop

From we aren't kids anymore A grooving, building, pop rock song with explosive dynamics. Caught in a loop is a song about being stuck on your own mental spiral without a way off. Perfect for pop/rock theatre belters.  Bonnie Milligan sings this on the original cast album of We Aren't Kids Any More. Perfect for auditions, concerts, cabarets, showcases, or anywhere...