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Style: Ballad


From Fugitive Songs. Performed by Kyle Dean Massey at 54 Below on April 7, 2013.

Little Mysteries

From The Boy Detective Fails. Leah Horowitz, Stanley Bahorek at Kennedy Center on 2/05/2009 Bayla Whitten, Jared Gertner at Urban Stages on 12/15/2009

Why Can't I Kiss You?-D (Male Version)

Check out Jose Llana's performance of the song on Jeff's podcast. Performed by Jeff Blumenkrantz at The Jeff Blumenkrantz Songbook Concert: Songs in My Attic, Live at Birdland, 11/4/07

The Man I'll Never Be

from DADDY LONG LEGS Key of Ab (D3 - Eb4)Piano/Conductor score


Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott OliverMale key of G (Video is in G)Male key of FFemale key of C Jay Armstrong Johnson and Morgan Karr at The Canal Room on 11/09/2009.

Hold My Hand

To hear Jeff's performance of this song, check out his podcast recording. Performed by Jeff Blumenkrantz at The Jeff Blumenkrantz Songbook Concert Live at the Zipper, 6/22/05

One Last Prayer - B

From Republic. For baritenors. Key of B. The low note is Bb2. The high note is G4. Performed by Josh Young in the key of Db at the Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre on July 25, 2013.

Nothing More

From With The Right Music After rumors spread that Adam might be attracted to Jason, Jason distances himself. Afraid of losing his friend, Adam decides to write Jason a letter explaining himself and proving once and for all that there’s nothing weird about their friendship. Video is in Bb: Noah Galvin at Studio Recording on 6/10/2015