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The Aptly-Named Pigeon Hunt

Music by Jacob YanduraLyrics by Rebekah Melocikfrom WRINGERKey of G: C#3-Bb4School is out, which means the Waymer Township Pigeon Hunt is just around the corner.  Like every 10-year-old boy, Beans and Mutto are excited to finally partake in the hunt as a “wringer,” responsible for wringing the necks of any shot birds.  Mr. LaRue, the wringer coach, encourages them to...

We Believe in Love

Music by Jacob YanduraLyrics by Rebekah MelocikKey of Bb: G3-Eb5Written after the shooting at Pulse nightclub, this gospel stand-alone searches for peace and understanding in a violent, senseless world.Featuring Charity Angél Dawson, Cole Burden, Dan Domenech, Alexa Green, Corey Mach, Laura Pavles, Tori Scott, Melvin Tunstall, Lauren Turner and Dan Rosales.