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She Thinks I'm Old

from DADDY LONG LEGS Key of F (C3-F4)Piano/Conductor score


Choose your transposition:Key of Db (Ab3 - Db5) (soprano) (As performed by Emma Hunton)Key of C (G3 - C5) (lower belt)Key of B (F#3 - B4) (alto)Key of Ab (Eb3 - Ab4) (tenor)Key of G (D3 - G4) (tenor) (As performed by Andy Mientus)Key of Gb (Db3 - Gb4) (baritone)Other transpositions available upon request. Contact customer service after purchase.Key of...

But I Do

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That's What's Gonna Happen

Rhythm Chart - rather than a fully written out piano part, there are chord changes for comping. Preview this song here.

Lost Boy

From DARLING.Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott OliverKeys available:Ab - TenorF - Baritenor / SopranoVideo is in Ab: Alex Brightman at The Kennedy Center on 2/09/2010.

And I Breathe

From NEXT THING YOU KNOW. Jay Armstrong Johnson records "And I Breathe" from the original cast recording of "Next Thing You Know."

Because of You

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What Do We Do It For?

music by Joshua Salzmanlyrics by Ryan Cunningham

If She Were Coming Home

From NEXT THING YOU KNOW. Performed by Adam Kantor at Le Poisson Rouge on September 9, 2012.