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Hand In Hand

Male version: Male version, as performed by Telly Leung. Key of C. The low note is C3. The high note is A5. Performed by Telly Leung at Catalina Bar & Grill in Hollywood, CA, on January 20, 2013. Female version: Female version. (With Lindsay Mendez's riffs from Kerrigan-Lowdermilk LIVE notated, but optional!) Key of G. The low note is G3....

My Heart Was Set on You

Check out Sutton Foster's rendition on her CD, Wish, as well as her performance on Jeff's podcast. Performed by Sophie Caton at The Pheasantry Performed by Billie Wildrick Performed by Mackenzie Orr on June 9, 2011


Performed by Kate Wetherhead at 54 Below on 4/8/13.

Moving To China / Will You Come With Me

Duet about a brother and sister relationship. Key of Db. Male range: C3 to Gb4. Female range: F3 to Db5. Performed by Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk at (Le) Poisson Rouge on February 7, 2011.

Good Stuff

Justin Guarini at Joe's Pub (NYC) on 1/22/2012American Idol's Justin Guarini has a LOT of fun with this song. Marcus Paul James at Joe's Pub (NYC) on 3/28/2011Marcus Paul James... funk master The notes on the page are guidelines. Up for ALL KINDS of interpretation. Funky. Sexy. Riff-able.


Performed by Teal Wicks & Emily Kay Shrader at Joe's Pub on 1/22/12. Performed by Kacie Sheik & Eric Michael Krop at Joe's Pub on 7/29/13.

If the World Looked Like You

Jeremy Jordan at Laurie Beechman Theater, NYC on 2/06/2012 Dan Deluca at Cap 21, NYC on 1/19/2013A great audition cut.

I Loved You Too Much

Kasie Gasparini at Emily Gates' Performance Center (Novato, CA) on 1/07/2011The debut of this song.


As Performed by Nick Blaemire on YouTube The female version of "Alaska" is identical to the male version, except it's a fifth lower, in the key of F.