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Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver: Volume 1

Includes: The Ballad of Sara Berry (from 35MM) Caralee (from 35MM) Crayon Girl (from Out of My Head) Dull Little Ache (from Darling) Halfway A Hypochondriac's Song (from Out of My Head) Lost Boy (from Darling) Make Me a Picture of the Sun The Mess Odyssey On Monday (from 35MM) Peace The Plane (is Going Down) (music by Eric Day)...

Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver: Volume 2

Includes: Cut You a Piece (from 35MM)Her Sweater (from Mrs. Sharp)Insides Out (from The Frog Prince Continued)Leave, Luanne (from 35MM)Living Dead (from Jasper in Deadland)Love Killer (words by Tony Asaro) Make Me Happy (from 35MM)Mrs. Sharp (from Mrs. Sharp)Never (from Darling)No One's Gonna Love You, Bitch (words by Gordon Leary) Out of My Mind (from Mrs. Sharp)Song of the Dead...

35MM Vocal Selections

Music & Lyrics by Ryan Scott OliverIncludes:CrazytownOn MondayCaralee  The Party Goes With You  Make Me Happy  The Seraph  Leave, Luanne  Mama, Let Me In  Why Must We Tell Them Why   Twisted Teeth  Hemming and Hawing  Cut You a Piece  The Ballad of Sara Berry

Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver: Volume 4

Includes: I Go On With YouI Have Seen the AfterAll Men are Tied TogetherWhat You Call FreedomDarknessScudThem BeastsThe Mad DogWe FoxesDark Dark DarkRoots Dig DeepCaralee (Female Key)Good LadyImmaculate DeceptionSomething for RealStroke By Stroke (Female Key)