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Kerrigan-Lowdermilk Duet/Trio Songbook

music by Brian Lowdermilk lyrics by Kait Kerrigan For the showcases. For the concerts. For your friends. Brian and Kait spent most of their teen years getting friends together to sing in tight harmonies. This songbook is dedicated to the young Brians and Kaits. Grab your friends, sing together, and then show the world... or at least YouTube. Includes: Anonymous Sex...

Drew Gasparini Duet / Group Songbook

Music & Lyrics by Drew Gasparini Includes: The Wreck You Can't Bring Me Down  Valley High  Michigan  Pinch Me  The Whistler  Funky Fried Piece of Man Meat  I Just Can't Stop  The Song About Ordering Furniture      (please note all songbooks are digital download only)

Adam Gwon Songbook - Duets

Music and lyrics by Adam GwonIncludes:  I Like (The Secret Song)Little MysteriesFineSort-Of Fairy TaleBeautifulRooftop Duet     (please note all songbooks are digital download only)