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Drew Gasparini Female Songbook

Music & Lyrics by Drew Gasparini Includes:The Text Message SongThe Human Condition (Female Key)CircusDear TomGood For YouNever EnoughKindergarten Love SongWhat Remains (Female Version)Slow DownTwo Little LinesIf I Had YouThe Song About Ordering Furniture      (please note all songbooks are digital download only)

Alphabet City Cycle Songbook

Music by Georgia StittLyrics by Marcy HeislerIncludes: The Wanting of You The Wanting of You - Violin  Almost Everything I Need  Almost Everything I Need - Violin   I Hardly Remember  I Hardly Remember - Violin  Blanket in July  Blanket in July - Violin  Sunday Light  Sunday Light - Violin     (please note all songbooks are digital download only)

Drew Gasparini Male Songbook

Music & Lyrics by Drew GaspariniIncludes:A Little Bit...  Disaster Jack Of All Trades  Lost Cause  Good For You (Male Key)  Right Here  Scratch Off  The Human Condition (Male Key) Last Loser in the UniverseWhat Remains (Male Version)     (please note all songbooks are digital download only)

Murder for Two Vocal Selections

Murder For Two Written by Joe Kinosian and Kellen Blair Any transposition available upon request. Contact customer service after purchase This vocal selections does not include the bonus song "Finale Ultimo" Includes the following songs:Waiting in the DarkProtocol SaysPerfectly Lovely Surprise (Male)Perfectly Lovely Surprise (Female)It Was HerA Lot WoiseHe Needs a Partner (Show version, male key)He Needs a Partner (Solo version,...