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Sense and Sensibility Vocal Selections

Music & Lyrics by Paul GordonIncludes: Darker Shade of Grief  Lavender Drops  Elinor  So the Poets Say  Eldest Son  Lydia  Rain  Willoughby  Somewhere in Silence  The Wrong Side of Five and Thirty   There He Is Again  The Response  The Swing  Not Even You  The Visit  Edward and I  Stow Away  Bedside   (please note all songbooks are digital download only)

Be More Chill Vocal Selections

Music & Lyrics by Joe Iconis Contains the original keys of the following songs:Jeremy's ThemeMore Than SurviveI Love Play RehearsalThe Squip SongTwo-Player GameBe More Chill / Do You Wanna RideA Guy That I'd Kinda Be IntoUpgradeHalloweenMichael in the BathroomThe Smartphone HourThe Pitiful ChildrenThe Pants SongVoices In My HeadOther transpositions available upon request. Contact customer service after purchase.   (please note...

I Love You Because Vocal Selections

Music by Joshua SalzmanLyrics by Ryan CunninghamIncludes: Another Saturday Night In New York  The Actuary Song  ...But I Don't Want To Talk About Her   Coffee  Because of You  We're Just Friends  Maybe We Just Made Love  Just Not Now  Alone  That's What's Gonna Happen  Even Though  But I Do  What Do We Do It For?  Goodbye  I Love You Because ...

Island Song Vocal Selections

An off-beat, poignant dramedy with a kinetic pop-rock score, (boasting 7 MAC-nominated songs), ISLAND SONG takes us through a year in the lives of five twenty-and-thirty-somethings sharing a city and the chain of surprising, meaningful, and partially random connections that bring them into each other’s spheres at moments that become pivotal. As the city pulses around them, they each work...

Yank! Vocal Selections

Music by Joseph Zellnik Lyrics by David ZellnikIncludes:Rememb'ring You  Yank  The Saddest Gal What Am  Betty  Click  Blue Twilight  You, You  A Couple of Regular Guys  Your Squad Is Your Squad  Light On Your Feet  Just True  My Soldier  Howd'ja Like A Little More Of Me?     (please note all songbooks are digital download only)

Fugitive Songs Vocal Selections

Music by Chris Miller Lyrics by Nathan TysenIncludes: Reasons To Run  Getting There  Annie's Party  Don't Say Me  Washington Heights  Subway Song  Break a Branch  Kansas Highway Sky   Passing Tracy  Lost  Poor Little Patty  Lullaby  Wilson  Spring Cleaning  Shine  Wildflowers  Growing Up  I Could Go Back  One Of These Nights    (please note all songbooks are digital download only)

Junie B. Jones Vocal Selections

Lyrics by Marcy Heisler Music by Zina GoldrichIncludes:Top Secret Personal Beeswax  Lucille, Camille, Chenille  You Can Be My Friend  Time to Make a Drawing  You Need Glasses  Show and Tell  Now I See  Lunch Box  Gladys Gutzman, Queen of Snacks   Kickball Tournament  Sheldon Potts’ Halftime Show  When Life Gives You Lemons  Writing Down the Story of My Life    (please note...

Next Thing You Know Vocal Selections

Music by Joshua SalzmanLyrics by Ryan CunninghamIncludes: Little Bar On Sullivan Street  Morning After Omelet  As Good As I Get  Manhattan Bridge  How 'Bout You?  Don't Say Another Word  And I Breathe  If She Were Coming Home  I Wish There Were A Reason  You Can't Be Everything You Want   All That I Want Is You  Next Thing You Know Finale...

Murder Ballad Vocal Selections

Lyrics by Julia Jordan & Juliana NashMusic by Juliana NashIncludes: Murder BalladNarrator 1I Love NYLittle By Little Troubled MindPromises Turning into BeautifulPrattle 1 / Narrator 5Coffee's OnSaraMouth TattooSugar Cubes & Rock SaltMy NameThe Crying SceneBuilt for LongingAnswer MeYou Belong to MeI Love NY - Reprise 2I'll Be ThereCrying Scene - RepriseWalk Away / Promises - Reprise Clubs and Diamonds / Prattle 6Finale...