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#NMTVotW: Theme

Congrats to this week’s #NMTvotw, with Alex Christ & Josh Kohane singing Funky Fried Piece of Man Meat by Drew Gasparini.  This week’s #NMTvotw embraces all of the things a great performance should: it’s a duet full of passion with good video quality and well-dressed, great singers. And all of that is important. But none of […]

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Traveling to NYC

I’m the only blogger (I think) on the Green Room that doesn’t currently live in New York City. So when I visit the city, like I did just last week, I want to make every day worthwhile. And part of me thinks that those that live in the city feel the same way. As a […]

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#NMTVotW: Riffs

This is gonna be a short message this week. The #NMTvotw featured this week is absolutely amazing: Michelle Cosentino powerhouses Pasek and Paul‘s Ready to Be Loved. I’d like to address the final minute or so (starting at 3:12ish). This kind of singing is the kind that takes a lot of practice and is the […]

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#NMTVotW: Meta

Art in all forms is really enjoying being meta these days. For those of you who don’t know, “being meta” means that you refer to the making of the art in the art itself, such as a book that says something like “Dear reader” (like Les Miserables does), or when the fourth wall is broken. […]

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#NMTVotW: What to Wear

Musical theatre requires a lot of practice in singing, dancing, and acting. But once you’ve got that down, you’re ready to perform. Except for one thing: What to wear. Some characters have very clear “costumes“, but with a lot of new musical theater, the characters are just like you and me (which is why we […]

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#NMTVotW: Duets

On your path to becoming #NMTfamous, you’re going to sing. A lot. And most of that singing will probably be you singing solo (not counting when you’re performing in actual musicals). And that’s great! Singing solos is a lot of fun and allows the audience to really fall in love with you. But, there are […]

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#NMTHalloween Across the Globe

With the cold weather drifting in and pumpkin spice lattes on our lips, it’s hard not to think about the first holiday of the fall season: Halloween. And with Halloween comes the number one google search*: What costume to wear. Of course, you can always go as a nurse or football player, but really, you’re […]

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#NMTVotW: Passion

Most get into musical theater by listening and watching others before they join in creating the magic themselves. In fact, most are lead to participate in this creation because the passion they gain from being inspired by previous actors, writers, singers, etc. This passion is what drives us, and it’s what keeps us going. When […]

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#NMTVotW: Variety of Venues

When people hear “Musical Theatre” they think Broadway, with full performances and storylines with arcs and subplots, intermissions and costumes. Maybe they think of community theatre or touring theatre, again with the same grand gestures. But the awesome thing about musical theatre, especially NEW musical theatre, is that it isn’t limited to this 2.5 hour […]

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#NMTVotW: Extended Marketing

We talked about how having a good video to share gave you an obligation to share it. There are plenty of ways to make sure your video gets out there: Tweet it Blog about it Link to it in comments But if you’re the only one sharing it, it’s only going to go so far. […]

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I’d Run Away With Them All

What a fascinating community we have where we can enjoy so many different people creating a story out of our songs. There are plenty of songs where many different performers have sung the same song differently and have gotten comments on how different they are, but none have received the attention like Run Away with […]

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#NMTVotW: Making a Good Quality Video

In my quest to find the right #NMTvotw, I ran into a lot of really good singers, singing some amazing #NMTsongs, but the quality of the video just didn’t allow the singer to make the cut. Don’t get me wrong: film away with the amazing new technology of being able to carry just one gadget […]

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Becoming #NMTFamous

If you’re a fan of new musical theatre, you’re no stranger to YouTube. With most of the #NMTwriters posting their latest and greatest concerts on YouTube for the non-New Yorkers to enjoy, it’s one of many joys we get that from #NMTshows that we don’t get with Broadway ones. But YouTube isn’t just a gateway […]

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